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Thank you for taking Ski lessons. 

❆ Starting Off

The magic of Skiing starts with the beautiful environment; snowy white mountains, (Japan's best lake, Lake Biwa's waterscape), endless skies, crisp air and overwhelming scale resulting in an unparalleled feeling of exhilaration.

If you are visiting a ski resort for the first time, you will be blown away by the winter scenery and your heart will burst with excitement in anticipation of your first ride down the slope.

The place where winter skiing begins.

Using unfamiliar gear, walking with ski boots, tackling various unknown challenges, such as, “stopping without falling” or finding solutions to relieve your “anxieties” is your first step towards safe and fun skiing.


❆ Endeavoring  Challenging

Whatever felt difficult such as, falling, getting up, loading and unloading from the lift, gradually starts to feel achievable and the gentle slopes become “friendly” and skiing becomes a “part” of you.

“The desire to ski longer slopes”

“A longing to carve elegant turns”

“The ambition to challenge various terrains”

Aspiring to improve, while turning the impossible to possible, allows for you to feel the delight in learning new techniques.

❆ Communication

A yearning for more comfort, more improvement and faster speed…

What are my shortfalls? How can I make it possible?

The mind starts to race over the effect skiing has over the body and soul

Talking to friends who share the same interests about your thoughts and your ski plans is part of the fun in skiing.

Deeper knowledge, broader perspective and a circle of friends.

Experience the joy that the love for snowsports brings.

❆ Life

Seasonal sports that co-exists with nature, creates a vigorous society. Taking part in snowsport activities can create the foundation of your winter life. Your life with skiing has just begun!english-lessons

English Lessons