English Lessons

Notice of change in reservation method

By January 22nd,
English and Chinese lessons will no longer be accepted through the reservation site.
After January23rd , if there is vacancy, you are able to take lessons. Please come to the ski school counter directly

English Lessons

Lesson Rates

For Number of Participants 1 hour 1.5 hours
Kids to Adults 1 person 8,000yen 12,000yen
2 people 14,000yen 18,000yen
3 people 18,000yen 21,000yen
  half day(2hours) full day ( 4 hours)
over 4 people up to 10 25,000yen 40,000yen

Lesson schedule and language

Japanese   9:30〜10:30
Internationa 11:00〜12:30
International 13:30〜15:00
Japanese   15:30〜16:30

Please ask at the Ski school reception on the day.
Rental fee is not included in lesson fee.


Rental fee and lift tickets are not included in lesson fee.
You can rent ski equipment at the rental shop at the foot of the mountain if you need.
Sometimes, it takes about an hour.
So please come to Biwako valley as earlier as necessary and be ready for the lesson.

▶︎ Rental service

Participants need to buy the lift tickets.You can choose from 3 options,
1:buy 1 day ticket including Ropeway ticket.
2:buy afternoon ticket including Ropeway ticket.
3:buy 1-time ticket as needed.

*1,2 tickets, buy before taking the Ropeway.
*It is available to buy a 1-time ticket on the mountain.

1: come to Biwako valley
2: rent your ski equipment
3: take the ropeway
4: come to our ski school reception desk

Lesson Bookings

We advice you to book your lesson thought our web site by 17:00, two days in advance to the date of your desire.
Depending on availability, it may also be possible to book on the day. Please stop by the reception and make an inquiry.


Lesson Inquiries

Please send us your request and inquiry through our English Lesson Inquiry Form.

On the day of your lesson

On the day of your lesson, please sign in at the reception 15 minutes in advance to start time.
Please finish paying for your lesson at the reception before your lesson starts.
Ski school reception is located next to the Ropeway station on the top.
Weekend can be very congested. Please allow or sufficient time.
If you are late …
If you are running late, please make sure you contact us →contact us(contact form for the day of your lessons)(tel.077-592-2010)
If you have contacted us, you will be able to take your lesson for the originally scheduled duration.(end time will be the same)
If we do not hear from you, 15 minutes after your start time, we will deem that your lessons is cancelled.

Lesson Cancellations

Please make sure to contact us to cancel your lessons.
Cancellations are accepted through this cancellation form. (tel.077-592-2010)
No show cancellations and frequent cancellations may prompt us to decline our service to you.


Skiing will get impacted by weather.
You may not enjoy skiing in inclement weather.
We may refrain from providing ske lessons if conditsion s are not safe(good).

What you need for skiing

★Skis, boots, snow sports wear (top and bottom) are available to rent at the Rental Shop.
Please pick ski poles up at the Ropeway Station on the top of the mountain.
★For safety, we recommend wearing helmets, especially for children.
Helmets and goggles are available to rent.
★Gloves are not available to rent. Please bring  your own.
★Lift Ticket: The Lift Ticket is not included in the lesson fee.
Please ask your coach which kind of ticket is good for you.